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Founded in 2012, TeamVFXArtist is a dynamic group of highly experienced veterans and the best freshest young talent. Together we can take care of all your VFX roto, paint, match move and compositing needs for feature films, commercials and TV.

We pride ourselves on the superb quality of our work and fully understand the time and budget pressures faced on most productions. With that in mind, we offer an incredibly fast and reliable service accompanied with excellent communication.


Our record of achievement is a direct result from our team`s close collaboration with our clients. We consistently work with a number of reputable VFX shops around the globe offering an immediate, competitive 24/7 service.

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We follow International standards for Creative and Managing Department.


A visual effects studio making waves by combining talent and technology in a truly unique way.


Roto Artists trace the areas of live action frames where computer graphics will overlap or interact with live images. This creates clear areas (mattes) within the frame to allow all elements of the scene to be layered convincingly. This enables Compositors to combine all the various elements accurately. The role of Roto Artist exists more often on special effects work, within facility houses or on projects that combine live action and computer graphics.


Paint/Prep Artists are briefed by Paint/Prep Leads or Comp Leads on the Paint Prep and wire/rig removal tasks for a particular shot or sequence. This includes Grain removal and grain matching, Generation of clean patches through collaging or clone painting on still frames, Image transformation, point/planar tracking, Basic matte generation through rotoscoping, luminance, chrominance and difference keying and many more.


Keying is defining transparency by a particular color value or luminance value in an image. When you key out a value, all pixels that have colors or luminance values similar to that value become transparent. Keying makes it easy to replace a background, which is especially useful when you work with objects too complex to mask easily. When you place a keyed layer over another layer, the result forms a composite, in which the background is visible wherever the keyed layer is transparent.


Match Move Artists translate and imitate the camera movements in live action shots and match those movements in 3D. They position tracking points on live action shots and, using those tracking points, they work out the co-ordinates in the relevant 3D programme. The information they provide enables the CG geometry to fit accurately and convincingly into the live action plates when the various elements are composited by the Compositor.

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